The Way I See It

Ah, the dreaded bio. Let's see...I am a 20-something with a so-so job and a crazy love for sports. I have a music degree and have been trained on five different instruments, though I do very little with music these days. I live in a lovely condominium with my wonderful husband and two Labradors. After four fabulous years together, we were married in July '07. We are best friends and look forward to all that lies ahead.

I am a relatively social person and always enjoy meeting new people. Feel free to add me if you are so inclined. However, my policy is that what you write in your LJ stays right here, and I expect the same in return. My journal is primarily friends only. If I add you, it is because I enjoy reading your journal, or I know you personally and wish to share the interesting and mundane details of my life with you.

Welcome to my journal, and happy reading!